Challenging Communications & Conversations

Challenging conversations give us a chance to not only preserve our precious relationship with a family but build one that is even stronger. This one-and-a-half-hour session is designed to help your staff become more comfortable with challenging communications. The session can be delivered in person or virtually. And, Patricia can customize it with examples from your district or school to help give your staff exactly what they need to handle their most common challenging conversations with families. Participants will leave with their own “action plan” designed to ensure they are confident and prepared for challenging conversations.

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Challenging Communications & Conversations

We often call them “difficult” conversations and communications, but they are only difficult if you frame them that way.

When we have to contact families with information that may be hard for them to hear, we have an opportunity to engage with them in a way that strengthens our relationship..

If the idea of having one of these conversations leaves you in a cold sweat, you can learn how to master these communications. In this session, we’ll focus on how to welcome families and set the stage for these conversations, and we’ll explore how good communication practices can make them easier for both you and for families.

Learning goals:

  • Define the aspects of communication (words, information, tone, and body language) and how they work together.
  • Recognize why challenging conversations make people so uncomfortable.
  • Understand the roles personal experiences and personalities play in challenging conversations and examine how to use those to prevent heated exchanges.
  • Demonstrate the ability to prepare for challenging conversations with talking points and responses.
  • Understand the importance of questioning and listening when it comes to challenging conversations.
  • Describe and create tools and approaches for diffusing anger when it surfaces during communications with families.
  • Practice preventing emotional responses through analysis of communication scenarios.

What people are saying about the presentations

ESC of Northeast Ohio

I loved this class! Patricia was super engaging and I feel like I really gained a lot of knowledge and insight from these classes. The group we had was open and honest and I believe we all gained a lot of communication skills that will be put to good use!

IEL 2021 Conference Attendee

Patricia was amazing!!!!! She was very knowledgeable and her examples were great!

NSPRA 2021 Conference Attendee

I’ve already implemented some of these strategies into my district communications.

ESC of Northeast Ohio

The series was set up with discussions, hands on applications, time to ask questions and plan ahead. From the beginning to end it was worthwhile time spent spent focusing on specifically on communication to families.

NSPRA 2021 Conference Attendee

Best virtual session, in my opinion. Excellent and engaging presentation.

NSPRA 2021 Conference Attendee via Twitter

Your tips are already impacting my work this morning as I craft a parent communication. Your work truly makes a difference.

Kids Count Conference 2019 Attendee

Great Examples of real-life situations and fun activities that get the points across in a memorable way.

ESC of Northeast Ohio

The Masterclass is beneficial to groom and grow your ability to effectively communicate to all stakeholders. It diminishes many preconceived ideas and replaces them with new simple innovative ways to communicate across all forms of media. This class is a must take if you are an intricate part of the communications team within your District.

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