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3 secrets to effective school communication

Effective communication is the beating heart of family and community engagement. The reality is schools simply don’t do a good job of teaching this. The result is a well-intentioned strategy that misses the mark with parents and families.

A former broadcast journalist and Executive Director of Community Schools and Family Engagement, I’ve spent two decades in pursuit of a better way. In this brief resource, I distill the art of school communication down to 3 fundamental principles.

If you’re looking for ways to improve how parents and families feel about your schools this year, it’s a great place to start the conversation. Download it today — and I’ll send you my full school communications playbook when it launches later this month.

Meantime, if you have questions, or want to talk about how to equip your team with the practical skills and confidence to confidently engage families, I’d welcome the chance to visit (online or in-person) with your team.

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