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Do you know how sometimes you get an idea for something and it won’t go away? It just pesters you…like someone poking you on the shoulder to get your attention. 

That’s how it was with my book, Closing the Loop: A Powerful and Practical Guide to School Home Communication. 

As of this month, the book has been out for an entire year. 

I’m continually amazed and grateful to all of you who have bought the book, written reviews, and messaged me to let me know how you’re putting the concepts into practice. 

There were so many times while I was working on Closing the Loop that I thought to myself, this is ridiculous…the idea of taking my skills as a broadcast journalist and applying them to school-home communication just seemed crazy.

I’ve found out, it wasn’t. 

The book took more than five years to complete. And since it’s release, it’s sold thousands of copies. I’ve created a whole business around improving school-home communication.

There is such a need out there to build relationships with families and the only way to do this is through clear, concise, compassionate communication. 

And, in the years ahead, as we work to help children learn, grow, and recover from the pandemic, we’ll need to stand alongside families and honor and listen to their expertise and knowledge.   

I’ve always felt Closing the Loop is my small, lasting contribution to the field of education. 

But in the year since its release, it’s my hope it will also help create a kinder, more respectful world.

With sincere thanks for all of your support over the last year, 


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    Patricia Weinzapfel

    Author, Educator, Journalist & K12 Communications Expert

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