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When it comes to professional development, many schools and school districts like to offer what I call the “new and shiny;” things like the latest program to help with reading skills or the cool, cutting-edge SEL modules.    

It happens almost every year.

Sometimes the PD is big on platitudes like “Read to your child every day,” and short on practical tips and tools that educators really need. 

And so, teachers and school staff often wait it out…half-heartedly putting in place the reading skills program or the SEL modules until next year’s new and shiny comes along.

By the way, you know, teachers make fun of this, don’t you? 

Hey, I’ve sat through these kinds of PDs. I’m not saying I didn’t learn anything. But as I sat there, I also used my experience as an education outsider…a journalist…to look critically at the workshops, the trainings, and most importantly the success of the initiatives.  

I also looked at the true needs of educators and one thing rose to the top:

They really don’t need a new program or more modules. 

They need families.

When educators and families work together kids succeed. 

I took all this to heart when I started designing my school-home communication professional development for educators. 

It’s light on the sweeping “communicating with families is important” stuff. 

We all know that. 

It’s heavy on tips, tools, and techniques educators can use immediately to improve their communication and family engagement. 

It’s built with educators in mind. It models good communication. It’s full of activities and discussions. And, it’s meant to blend and braid with the rest of the work in the school and district instead of being new or extra.

The best part about my sessions – they’re professional development AND personal development. All of the communication tips can be used not just with families but with anyone, anytime. 

Sure, I’ll admit it. I think my PD is shiny. But that’s because it’s positive, it’s engaging, it’s meaningful, and it works. 

Here’s what my clients say: 

“I absolutely loved this class! Patricia Weinzapfel was amazing and I will continue

to put the practices I learned from her in place. Engaging and direct and to the

point perfect execution.”-Education Support Professional

Patricia is so down to earth, warm, and engaging. Her background in broadcast journalism is such a bonus in helping educators “get to the heart of the matter” in a clear, concise way. She offers effective techniques that can be applied immediately into your daily routine. I can’t recommend this highly enough!-District-Level Administrator

“This session was excellent and engaging. I communicate with families on a daily basis. It was awesome to learn new ways to say things so all families can understand (and it will make my job easier!)”.-Classroom Educator

If you’re interested in working with me, message me and let’s talk.You can also check out my course catalog for ideas and funding sources. 

And, as always, thank you for the work you do! 

Now booking for the 2023-24 school year.   

Let’s connect!

    Patricia Weinzapfel

    Author, Educator, Journalist & K12 Communications Expert

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