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Ten years ago, the head of our teacher’s union came to me with the idea of bringing the Parent Teacher Home Visit concept to our schools.

I was leading family engagement in my district, and I fell in love with PTHV right away.

The idea is magnificently simple. 

Teachers visit families in their homes and get to know them. No pressures. No high-stakes conversations. They just sit with families and ask a simple question, “What are your hopes and dreams for your child?” 

That question opens hearts and fosters understanding. Teachers realize parents have strengths and want the best for their children. And, parents realize that teachers care and want the same.

As far as I’m concerned that conversation is the ultimate school-home communication. 

I was so enamored with PTHV, I went through the“train the trainer,” hoping to get it going in my district.  

In spite of my commitment and the passion of our union, PTHV didn’t take off here. Leadership changed, priorities changed, you know the drill.

But I never quit trying.

And, I decided if I couldn’t get PTHV going in my district, I would support it financially, 

And so, every year, I donate a portion of my book sales to PTHV. This year, thanks to all of you who bought my book, I’m proud to say I’ll make my largest donation ever.

I usually give in a low-key kinda way. But this year, I wanted to invite you to join me in supporting PTHV. 

Here’s the link for more on PTHV and the link to make a donation. 

I plan to contribute on May 4th, during PTHV’s “Big Day of Giving.” Please consider joining me in supporting an organization that’s forging strong school-home partnerships while also creating a kinder more respectful, and more equitable world.  


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    Patricia Weinzapfel

    Author, Educator, Journalist & K12 Communications Expert

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