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School is finally out for just about every district in the nation. 

Thank goodness! Educators need a break! 

Last year, research from the Rand Corporation showed that teachers and administrators have 2-3 times more stress than the average American worker. Yipes! 

The latest Rand Survey out this week shows things may be getting better…but still… 

Hey, we all know it…educators are by nature “doers” and “fixers.” If they can fight those urges this summer and take some time for themselves, it’s a win-win for everyone. 

If you need to be talked into putting down your 300-page classroom management guidebook and checking out for a couple of months this summer, let me do the honors…  

  • Summer fosters creativity.

Do you know how they say our best ideas come to us in the shower? It’s true…it’s when we’re doing nothing that our brains have space to turn over ideas and thoughts in new ways. As educators, we’re charged with helping our students see things differently. Summer can help us do the same. 

  • Summer prevents burnout

What is it about summer? Is it the sun and the longer days? Or, is it the memories we have of summers as children? I don’t know. All I know is there’s just an energy around summer that can be rejuvenating. And, taking a few months for self-care is like loading that energy into a bank. We can withdraw it all year. So do your thing…exercise, meditate, pick up a new hobby… It’ll all pay off. 

  • Summer creates balance. 

It’s like a reset. There’s enough time to stop and think about what is really important and enough time to create new habits and new ways of thinking. That can help you return to school with a new sense of purpose and, more importantly, a new set of boundaries.  

Fun fact…In Indiana where I live, the Lilly Foundation offers Hoosier teachers $15,000 to have fun during the summer through its Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program.  To quote the website, ”The Endowment believes that through new experiences, exploration, and reflection educators can generate renewed energy in their careers, innovative approaches to teaching and educational leadership, and thoughtful ways to encourage students’ creative thinking.” 

Need I say more?

Check out the link above to see the list of fellowship projects. Might give you some ideas about how to spend your summer! 

Whatever you choose to do these next few months, I hope you stay safe and well.



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    Patricia Weinzapfel

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